The White Man’s Ice is Colder

whiteWe’ve all grown up heating that phrase and I’ve never believed it but when I look around and think about the economic conditions our people are in, unfortunately the saying really is true for many of us in our thinking. Conditioning over hundreds of years has put in the minds of our people that the white man is superior and should be feared. If that were not true, how have we allowed every aspect of our existence here to be dictated, regulated or controlled by someone that doesn’t look like us? The politics, school systems, healthcare, housing, employment, you name it. That is why there is no such thing as black racism because none of the aforementioned areas are controlled by black people where they can deny anyone white an opportunity. Do we decide the racial breakdown of a city? We live where we live because someone else decided and even if you have moved to a suburb, usually you know what happens if too many of us come. Oh and for those that are the ONLY neg roes in the subdivision, your mortgage rate is higher even if you have better credit a recent study proved.

WE can not underestimate the conditioning of slavery on our thought process. I got hit from behind in a car accident once and for months I was driving afraid so I was always looking in the rear view mirror. That was just on accident. How would I be thinking or driving if it happened over and over and over? Coons and sellouts are products of the conditioning because they are too afraid to challenge the status quo. I have to ask myself constantly am I doing the same thing/ When it comes to our economic independence, you have to as k yourself where you spend your money. I always try to chose a black lawyer, doctor, dentist, insurance agent, mechanic anything that I can to keep my money in my community. I’m not always successful but I try my best. Who does your hair , nails, where you buy gas, everywhere I spend my money I try. I give to charitable organizations that support Black causes. If we all did, change would come.

Are some businesses ghetto? Yes. Do some of them provide terrible service? Yes but because they depend on our money you can help them and if they still refuse then go elsewhere. I’d be willing to bet when you go to Needless Marcup-Nieman Marcus and you get bad service, get ignored or treated like you stole something, you don’t call them ghetto and stop shopping there. That’s how sick some of us are. You have a problem giving money to your own but will freely spend without regard for treatment at the business of your oppressor. That’s why the white man’s ice is always colder..

Until we change our thinking, put real money in real black businesses and stop talking about it or we are doomed. Until we put our money to work in our favor we will continue to be killed by the police, taken for granted by the Democratic party, will keep begging for jobs and education and be a negligible factor in the world. We can change this if we just think before we spend. I believe it can be done what about you? What is it going to take for us to believe?


Being Black

Higgins_Bond_AkhenatonI was 11 years old when I found out I was Black. I grew up around Black people and the only white people I knew were the nuns and my teachers at the catholic school I attended. Everything was normal in my world until one day, my white English teacher made me aware I was different. I adored her and I don’t know how it came up but I asked her what would she do if her son married a Black woman and she said, “Oh no that would never happen. I want my grandchildren to look like me.” Wow. That was the beginning of my journey. It didn’t hit me till then even though two years before I had gotten perfect scores on the Iowa Basics tests we had to take and they could not believe a little 9 year old Black girl in an ‘urban’ catholic all Black school could possibly have scored so high. So they sent a representative to my school to test me alone. I did it again so then I was deemed a genius.

So my journey began where I started to read everything I could find about Black people because I wanted to know why would my teacher say such a thing like something was wrong with me. Then I heard my father curse for the first time in my life when we were driving from St. Louis to Memphis and we stopped at this burger shop where they came up to your car to take your order. We sat, and sat and more cars came and went but nobody came to our car. My father was from New Jersey/New York and I guess wasn’t used to the ‘South” so I learned why Black people always had to pack a lunch. I asked why they didn’t come to our car. I remember he never answered and just kept driving.

My little brain computer started putting things together and the more I read, the more I understood. Nothing was wrong with me, something was wrong with white people. My father soon pronounced he would never work for another white man and he didn’t. But as I sit here writing, I can never recall being told why. Too many of us have never been taught what racism is and how we should handle it. We just learn that we are the ‘OTHER’ and you have to work twice as hard to get half as far, You learn early you are BLACK and that means you are not as smart, not as pretty, not as accomplished, not as valuable. You learn, you know how white folks are but you just have to deal with it.

You see most of us have no clue about who we are and what has happened to us. Most of us know more about the holocaust than the centuries of chattel slavery. The pain of our oppression causes us to do one or more of the following:

  1. Internalize and hate self and become Uncle Ruckus, adopt Stockholm Syndrome where we think of ourselves in terms of our oppressor.
  2. Totally deny the existence of race, racism or the existence of Black culture and live to assimilate at every level.
  3. Adopt aspects of one and two-You know some of your history, you understand racism but you–= blame the victim and think that if you just work hard enough all is well.
  4. You understand white supremacy and know the game and how to play it but never give up your dignity. You understand that if you do not work for nation building among your people you will cease to exist.

Remembering who we are is the entire point of Black History Month but it should be a practice we celebrate everyday. We need to stop being in denial, we need to teach our children what racism is and understand that being pro Black is not necessarily anti-White meaning that there are times to be anti white supremacy to preserve your own culture. Going along to get along has gotten us no where. We need to be honest and take responsibility for our own culture and community and figure out what we have contributed positively and negatively in context of understanding systemic racism and white supremacy. We can’t move forward without doing both.

Being Black is being excellent with a love of self and our people throughout the diaspora and knowing we are the true masters of our own fate. This month read my blogs and together let’s dream a world we have created.

Niggahs, Coons, Negropeans, African Americans and Black People


I purposefully didn’t write my usual inspirational post for Black History Month this year because I’ve been too angry. I usually write about our African heritage and the legacy of Egypt. I usually write about all of our inventions from the cotton gin to a golf tee. I talk about our achievements in business, science, sports, music you name it. Just think about the fact that what ever we put our minds to we get done from Sistah Bessie Coleman becoming a pilot to the election of our first Black president that would not have happened without us and brown people uniting because 60% of white folks voted against him. What I’m going to write about is my anger and frustration because I have worked hard to personally achieve my goals of education and business. I’ve created positive black images in film and in print. I’ve mentored, marched and put my money where my mouth is. But at 52 I’ve come full circle and I am back as mad as I was when I learned of the struggle when I was young. That’s why I titled this post as I did and I’ll tell you why.The following definitions cover the gamut of the bullshit we bring on ourselves.

Niggahs–They buy what they want, beg for what they need and are so self centered and materialistic they’d vote for slavery today to have a job, three hots and a cot. They are found in every socio-economic level and do nothing but bitch and moan but don’t do shit but that.They will always exist but we have to just use their discretionary income because they will always spend their money on what they are programmed to do.

Coons–They are often niggahs too but so love the white man they have no pride in their race other than what white folks allow them to and will sell their mother for acceptance. Coons say shit like, “we need to thank the white man for slavery because he civilized us” said by
Rev. Jesse Peterson and Sean Hannity loved it. Coons are House Niggahs that always wait for the crumbs from the white man’s table and will never do anything to upset the apple cart or white people. They are sad and should be ignored.

Negropeans are a step above a coon but still have coon-like tendencies because they tend to intellectualize their coondom by siding with conservative or anybody else by using statistics or false arguments that basically are right wing taking points. They play like they really believe we are in a post racial society and that class issues are the real issues. But as Haki Madhabuti said, “Did the class problem rape your grandmother FOOL?” They just can’t deal with the reality of racism, it’s too painful. Allan West comes to mind.

African Americans–These are the politically correct folks that have some traits from the first three types but live and work to be happy. They go to church, get educated, own businesses but their kids have tablets and the best clothes and can’t f*cking read. They will get their hair done rather than pay a utility bill which really is a niggah tendency but they have the money they just don’t pay their bills. Like a coon they are sellouts, always trying to be the head niggah in charge at their job and are tribal as hell. Like a negropean they can articulate issues but at least they have some semblance of knowledge of their history and will cry fowl to racism. Or the conscious African Americans know their history and what has happened but are so busy arguing with another conscious person about the size of the Ankh they are wearing they never get shit done. African Americans are like pigeons though. You know how if you throw a rock at a bunch of pigeons they flutter all up mad but in a few minutes the are right back in the group walking along. African Americans get mad, emotional for a hot second then it’s business as usual with no follow up or follow through. Unity by the issue but in general, do some work, niggah please. They have good intentions but we know where that leads a road to.

Black People are the people I love and emulate. You know who you are and whose you are. You put your money where your mouth is. You support others. You raise your own consciousness and see white supremacy for what it is and fight it with your success and nation building mindset. You dedicate all that you do by saying yes to the questions:

Are you making your ancestors proud by recognizing their sacrifice with your own?

Are you pooling your resources with those of others to leave the world better for the next generation?

Do you recognize white supremacy and its effects and combat it whenever possible?

Do you love yourself and your people equally and are willing to protect and respect your brothers and sisters?

If you answer yes you are Black for real and you are the reason why I will keep turning my anger and frustration into motivation to make this life better right here right now. To hell with Niggahs, Coons, Negropeans and African Americans that won’t unite. Black People Unite because white supremacy would not work so hard to keep you down if you didn’t have so much to give. The jig is up. If Black People lived up to their greatest potential there would be justice and righteousness for all. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Imagine a world that we could create! Make Black History Month everyday!

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I Love Being Black


I got up this morning just really loving my Blackness. More than usual. LOL. I had dry twisted my hair so I love the way my hair waves up. Then  when I was putting on my shea butter I was like damn I have nice pretty brown skin. I made an Egyptian Eye makeup look too. Wow, Egyptians, builder of the Pyramids were Black and African just like me. Ok, the original name of the motherland was Alkebulan or the Egyptian word for motherland was Afri-uka. But the Romans used the name of one of their generals, Scipio Africanus to rename the continent. See we can never be left alone. White folks is always hating but imitating.

As I left the gym I saw this young brother quarterback, Russel Wilson on the flat screen. He’s kicking ass. Racists always thought a Black man didn’t have the intellect to be a QB. No what I say is that’s the only position they were trying to hold on to but that will soon be history. They know when we are given an opportunity we are always the best. That’s not racist on my part just the truth. That is the key to understanding racism. Fear.

Love your BLACK self. If we were not so good, why do white supremacists try so hard to hold you down and hold you back. Despite the fact that we were stripped of everything we still have a connection to our culture, our language our SWAG. Look at the influence of our music, art, style, language, inventions, creativity and bottom line the jump we gave this country of 500 years of free labor. Our ROI, return on investment, has been minimal at best and it’s time that changed.

When I see red, black, green and yellow I feel the connection. There is nothing I can’t do and no amount of racism can take my love for myself and my people away. Never let another human’s limited view be the reason why you limit yourself. White folks, your mama, your man, your sibling, your teacher, your employer, your friends, your church, NOBODY can stop you from being you. Can’t nobody do like we do! Sonia Sanchez said it best, We a BaddDDD People. Dare to love your BLACK self in all your authenticity.