64 Years a Slave on the NBA Plantation

nbanbastatsretrieved from http://www.fivethiryeight.com

In 1950 Earl Lloyd became the first black player in the NBA. We already know what he went through. Now 64 years later not much has changed other than the fact that Black Men dominate the game. The players are still owned and traded. Michael Jordan is the only Black owner and as the stats listed show the abysmal representation or should I say non-representation of Blacks in the league speaks volumes. All of it is bullshit-Sterling, the NBA, the players and African Americans. Here is why:

Sterling is a racist asshole from way back. Everybody knows it but he is a billionaire and he can do what the hell we wants. That’s America. Banished means what? If he owns the building they practice in you mean to tell me he can’t go there? A general manager has been appointed. Like Sterling really took care of the day to day ish. Get real. All bullshit. I didn’t like what he said but hell what black person doesn’t work for or with a racist? That’s just real talk. I’ll say later what I think should be a solution to the disrespect. Oh yeah he bought and paid so many African Americans who didn’t say jack. Figures.

The NBA is full of shit too because they know who Sterling is. Always have and the other owners are scared shitless their dirt will be next. Slippery slope my ass. Michael Jordan had a time getting to be an owner and they love his dirty drawers with his sell out ass. Yes I said it, I was done with him when he put the Million Man March down but that’s another blog. The states say only 18% of the office staff is Black. So where are the Black PR people, Black entertainment lawyers, Black administrative staff etc? If Black players are 75 percent of the revenue makers, 75 percent of the employees should be Black too. That’s fair. The NBA got the $2.5 million fine. I wonder how many Black folk will get any of that money? Who are the groups they are contributing to that deal with racism and intolerance and how many Black folks work for them? All bullshit.

The Slaves, I mean Players. For all those thinking they make too much money, you are an idiot. If they are making millions they are generating trillions. They employ the parking lot attendants, ticket outlets, concession stands, beer, Nike, Wilson, jerseys and gear, the cleaning people, the friggin electricity being used. Does your boss pay you at you are really worth? No well my point exactly. One negro like LeBron James does what he wants and they treat him like a slave running up north! I blame the players for just being paid and not demanding shit else. They could make things better for the college players so they get better benefits and unionize. Hell all the pro players should too. Few of them hire their own people as lawyers, publicists, personal managers, etc. Spending their money on white girls and bullshit shows how irresponsible they are and they wonder why they get no respect. If you act like little boys you will be treated as such. Grow a pair and do something for the black boys that look up to you and who will be you one day. The few that do remember who they are are few in numbers.

My solution? Why doesn’t each NBA have a training center/scholarships for every city where a team exists. The NBA is a nonprofit. They could easily fund such a program. No they want players to stay slaves and asleep.

Everyone is at fault in my book and this was no victory for anybody but Sterling because his only crime will be making more money for speaking his racist mind. African Americans really thought they were vindicated. They so glad Massa paid them some attention and white folks really thought they did a lot too. Real Black people got disrespected and know this shit was just a news cycle diversion off Putin. Real Change makes Real Change. When the dust clears, we got nothing.