Terrorists Even Get White Privilege



Dzokhar and Frazier

One appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone. He’s young he’s cute and we already know young white boys get away with murder. Literally. They are troubled and influenced by music, their older radical brother , a movie who knows, anybody and then they just disappear from the media. Dzokhar is still awaiting trial on the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Young girls are still swooning and what real hard evidence do they have against him anyway?

Frazier is not a tv character but a hard core klansman that’s been on Howard Stern, buying weapons, plotting and planning, snitching on his fellow Aryan brothers and shoots people at a synagogue that aren’t even Jewish. Funny how Black Panthers were killed in their sleep and Klansmen just keep being able to organize and grow.

That’s what I mean about even terrorists get white privilege. People were ready to go string up a dark skinned Arab on the spot that was hurt by the bomb but when it turned out that Dzokhar was an American even though born in Russia the heat cooled off and he made it on the cover of Rolling Stone! Now the FBI is saying Russia didn’t give enough intelligence. Were they supposed to? I thought they were our enemy but I forgot the conservatives love Putin. Better than their own president but in case you forgot he’s , BLACK.

An old redneck Klansmen gets a pass too because he is white. How could they have a file on him probably a foot thick and not see his next move. There goes your theory that big brother is listening and watching or they should have seen this shooting coming. He has been klanning and buying guns for decades. He’ll just be written off as crazy poor white trash. No biggie. Yeah he’ll go to jail, he did kill other white people but they are saying it’s too early to say if they will seek the death penalty. Gotta make sure he’s guilty. Wow.

But God help us if a person is dark, Black, Muslim or Arab doing anything and all hell would break loose. Do you think I could be on Howard Stern, talk about how I hate white folks, stockpile guns and be with fellow Blacks plotting to take “The Man” down without getting shot in my sleep like Fred Hampton? What American born black person or Muslim or Arab has every mass killed any white person? All the American born perps of major shootings or bombings here have been by WHITE Americans! But Willie Horton or a Black welfare queen or a rapper represent the horrifying heinous images that terrify white folks. Wall Street, banks and multi-national corporations are the real Terrorists but I digress.

White Privilege is a mofo.


Cruz Klux Klan-The Tea Party Terrorists


Congressman Grayson from Florida called it on the Tea Party by saying they were no more popular than the Klan. The picture above he sent out had me on the floor. It never ceases to amaze me that Republicans and conservative talking heads can say what ever they want but one little line from a liberal and oooooh it’s so controversial. The bottom line is the Tea Party is the more visible KKK that has only changed their image and tactics but then again they haven’t changed much–terrorists are terrorists.

A textbook definition of a terrorist is a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims. Period.

The original Klan wore hoods and robes to terrorize Black people as ghosts of the civil war.  They just couldn’t get over the fact that they LOST the war. The Tea Party keeps putting dumbasses like Ted Cruz up to their bullshit but you LOST.

How in the world is Obamacare that was passed 3 years ago affecting the economy? People are not working which means they are not purchasing enough which is what fuels the economy. What is wrong with these people?  That makes no sense and you don’t have to be an economist to understand that. Just like dumb KKK members that worked against their own interests. Poor white folks with no jobs wanting to keep slavery!. Teabaggers fighting for the rights of Rich People that could give a rat’s ass about them. Cut the taxes for the rich, cut food stamps and God forbid you get healthcare if you are sick. Do teabaggers even know what that means? Well they need to get the balls out out of their mouths and get a clue.

The middle class is dying and without it we become a third world nation. Hating Obama because he is Black is the issue here beyond politics. Bill Clinton in their opinion was poor white trash that wasn’t supposed to be president but damn they gave him some slack because he was still white. Shutting down the government just cost us $24 billion. I want it back.

It’s time to call these people out and send them back to their hoods and robes where they belong.