El Hajj Malik El Shabazz, 89 years Strong


We need Malcolm X TODAY!

As I sit here thinking about this man, looking at his picture, listening to his words, remembering how he changed me, I cry two types of tears, pain and joy.

My Tears of Pain

I cry because I am angry. I cry because I am hurt. I cry because I feel so helpless because I was only 4 when he died and I wish I could have done something. I cry for the trials he faced as a Black Man in America. He stood up for what he believed and he was shot ten times in his chest, thigh and ankle, plus four bullet creases in his chest and thigh in front of his family.

See this strong Black man had to be killed because he was a threat to white supremacy because he taught us how to think for ourselves. As he said asking for civil rights meant the white man was still on top to beg him for something that you already possess as a human being. When that light went on my life changed. Too many of us today live our lives not knowing anything about our contributions to humanity and continually are led by whatever agenda anybody else has and those of us that try to keep building on Bro. Malcolm’s legacy half the time are called racists or living in the past.

You have to have power to be a racist and the past is ever present from Trayvon being killed to the first Black president being called a Nigger. But just like a dog licks his balls because he can, incidents of our disappearance, discrimination and murder go on because it can. We are too damn busy laughing at memes about Jay Z and Solange. Oh yeah I laughed to but I’m about my work too. We still haven’t gotten the memo that you can laugh and joke but when it’s time you don’t need to PLAY.

You don’t like the comments of Don Sterling but he’s in the Jewish Mafia that controls you. Sterling made his billions off YOU as a slumlord. But then he pays off all the right Colored people that give him awards so they keep their mouths shut because YOU don’t fund them. Any group still Colored in 2014 is bought and paid for and since most of us don’t fund our own organizations or colleges, the United Negroes still begging white folks to keep their schools open. All yall bougies can’t even do that. I went to Marquette and I don’t send them a dime. I don’t have to. Stern, Silver, Sterling and most of the owners and folk that run the NBA, all the Jewish Mafia that won’t let Bill Russel or no other great do shit. Is that being anti-semetic? Nope just the truth. Semites look like me.

No affront to proud Gay Black Men but I find it compelling that the first “Openly” gay basketball or football player are Black. We know dang well gay men have been playing in both leagues probably since they started. But there’s nothing better to show on natonal tv than a blubbering Michael Sam to add to the image of the current Black metrosexual man.

I’m not homophobic because by the definition that would mean I’m afraid of you. I’m not. Gay is not the new Black because you can be gay and still racist. Just like sunday is the most segregated day of the week, there are white gay clubs and black gay clubs just like churchs. The only thing we have in common is we are both hated. But Gay folk have healthcare, education, housing, higher income, tv shows, movies, books, magazines that The Gay Mafia will make sure they have. The Gay Mafia is going to make sure you pay for the F word for life just as Isaiah Washington. They want to compare their discrimination to Black Folk but there really isn’t a comparison because they have more power. You can’t make someone accept you. You can only see to it that they respect your rights. But that’s another blog.

Bro. Malcolm I am sorry that we have not lived up to your example. But then I do have tears of joy.

On your 89th birthday, I am rededicating myself to your teachings. Because of technology more people than ever can learn about you and love you as I do. There are still those of us that carry on for you and from your wisdom can see straight through the tricks that have not changed since you transitioned. Happy Birthday El Hajj Malik El Shabazz. May you continue to be a light that guides us. By Any Means Necessary.