The White Man’s Ice is Colder

whiteWe’ve all grown up heating that phrase and I’ve never believed it but when I look around and think about the economic conditions our people are in, unfortunately the saying really is true for many of us in our thinking. Conditioning over hundreds of years has put in the minds of our people that the white man is superior and should be feared. If that were not true, how have we allowed every aspect of our existence here to be dictated, regulated or controlled by someone that doesn’t look like us? The politics, school systems, healthcare, housing, employment, you name it. That is why there is no such thing as black racism because none of the aforementioned areas are controlled by black people where they can deny anyone white an opportunity. Do we decide the racial breakdown of a city? We live where we live because someone else decided and even if you have moved to a suburb, usually you know what happens if too many of us come. Oh and for those that are the ONLY neg roes in the subdivision, your mortgage rate is higher even if you have better credit a recent study proved.

WE can not underestimate the conditioning of slavery on our thought process. I got hit from behind in a car accident once and for months I was driving afraid so I was always looking in the rear view mirror. That was just on accident. How would I be thinking or driving if it happened over and over and over? Coons and sellouts are products of the conditioning because they are too afraid to challenge the status quo. I have to ask myself constantly am I doing the same thing/ When it comes to our economic independence, you have to as k yourself where you spend your money. I always try to chose a black lawyer, doctor, dentist, insurance agent, mechanic anything that I can to keep my money in my community. I’m not always successful but I try my best. Who does your hair , nails, where you buy gas, everywhere I spend my money I try. I give to charitable organizations that support Black causes. If we all did, change would come.

Are some businesses ghetto? Yes. Do some of them provide terrible service? Yes but because they depend on our money you can help them and if they still refuse then go elsewhere. I’d be willing to bet when you go to Needless Marcup-Nieman Marcus and you get bad service, get ignored or treated like you stole something, you don’t call them ghetto and stop shopping there. That’s how sick some of us are. You have a problem giving money to your own but will freely spend without regard for treatment at the business of your oppressor. That’s why the white man’s ice is always colder..

Until we change our thinking, put real money in real black businesses and stop talking about it or we are doomed. Until we put our money to work in our favor we will continue to be killed by the police, taken for granted by the Democratic party, will keep begging for jobs and education and be a negligible factor in the world. We can change this if we just think before we spend. I believe it can be done what about you? What is it going to take for us to believe?