Fear of a Black Planet

fearI remember when I first saw this title on an old Public Enemy album and thought about how profound it was. That is the main fear of white supremacy and is the reason they fight so hard. Then I starting thinking about how we are always called minorities when in fact white people are the minority on the planet. The jig is up because if you just do a little research you will find how you have been lied to. Why is this topic important for my Real Black Power is Green series? It is important because you need to change your thinking. If you feel small or inferior, half the work of the oppressor is done. You will never really know or accept your real power.

In the recent aftermath of the uprisings in Baltimore, I am proud of the young people there. If I hear one more speech about nonviolent protest I will scream The main objective of those kids was to be heard not to be called thugs and criminals. Kids scared white folks so bad an Oriole ball game was played in an empty stadium. I wonder how much revenue was lost when a hot dog or a beer or parking was not spent. Hitting the man in the pocket is the bloodless revolution. A few kids terrorized an entire city. And a few days later charges were brought. Is that a coincidence?

Black people have to realize that they have been conditioned to think they have no power or control to be kept in line. It is as if we have been conditioned like the circus elephant. The baby elephant is chained to a post so it can’t get away no matter how hard it tries. The thought is instilled of powerlessness so when the elephant grows up, a tiny rope ties up the huge animal that could pull an entire tent down but the thought never occurs to the animal. Despite our size we believe we have no power.

There are roughly 6 billion people on the planet earth. 46 million .black people are in the US. There are roughly three times that number in Nigeria alone. Did that just blow your mind? Africa is a continent not a country. There are nearly one billion Africans in the motherland. As conscious as I thought I was I didn’t know. We have just as many of us as the Chinese. Media will never tell you that. What about other Africans in other european countries and places like the caribbean, Brazil, Panama, Haiti, Cuba and Australia. Now you get the picture? We are a force to be recond with and never quite knew it. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Stop thinking small.

Africa has diamonds, gold, rubies, sapphires, just to name some of its riches. There are so many resources that I could go on and on about but that is why the motherland has been underdeveloped because THEY don’t want us to control our own stuff. Whyis there poverty with all the wealth around. The same goes here, why are we so so poor after all we have given this country? Wake up and smell the roach spray, there is a plan. It’s time we got one and be willing to die for it because as Malcolm X said the price of freedom is death.