Niggahs, Coons, Negropeans, African Americans and Black People


I purposefully didn’t write my usual inspirational post for Black History Month this year because I’ve been too angry. I usually write about our African heritage and the legacy of Egypt. I usually write about all of our inventions from the cotton gin to a golf tee. I talk about our achievements in business, science, sports, music you name it. Just think about the fact that what ever we put our minds to we get done from Sistah Bessie Coleman becoming a pilot to the election of our first Black president that would not have happened without us and brown people uniting because 60% of white folks voted against him. What I’m going to write about is my anger and frustration because I have worked hard to personally achieve my goals of education and business. I’ve created positive black images in film and in print. I’ve mentored, marched and put my money where my mouth is. But at 52 I’ve come full circle and I am back as mad as I was when I learned of the struggle when I was young. That’s why I titled this post as I did and I’ll tell you why.The following definitions cover the gamut of the bullshit we bring on ourselves.

Niggahs–They buy what they want, beg for what they need and are so self centered and materialistic they’d vote for slavery today to have a job, three hots and a cot. They are found in every socio-economic level and do nothing but bitch and moan but don’t do shit but that.They will always exist but we have to just use their discretionary income because they will always spend their money on what they are programmed to do.

Coons–They are often niggahs too but so love the white man they have no pride in their race other than what white folks allow them to and will sell their mother for acceptance. Coons say shit like, “we need to thank the white man for slavery because he civilized us” said by
Rev. Jesse Peterson and Sean Hannity loved it. Coons are House Niggahs that always wait for the crumbs from the white man’s table and will never do anything to upset the apple cart or white people. They are sad and should be ignored.

Negropeans are a step above a coon but still have coon-like tendencies because they tend to intellectualize their coondom by siding with conservative or anybody else by using statistics or false arguments that basically are right wing taking points. They play like they really believe we are in a post racial society and that class issues are the real issues. But as Haki Madhabuti said, “Did the class problem rape your grandmother FOOL?” They just can’t deal with the reality of racism, it’s too painful. Allan West comes to mind.

African Americans–These are the politically correct folks that have some traits from the first three types but live and work to be happy. They go to church, get educated, own businesses but their kids have tablets and the best clothes and can’t f*cking read. They will get their hair done rather than pay a utility bill which really is a niggah tendency but they have the money they just don’t pay their bills. Like a coon they are sellouts, always trying to be the head niggah in charge at their job and are tribal as hell. Like a negropean they can articulate issues but at least they have some semblance of knowledge of their history and will cry fowl to racism. Or the conscious African Americans know their history and what has happened but are so busy arguing with another conscious person about the size of the Ankh they are wearing they never get shit done. African Americans are like pigeons though. You know how if you throw a rock at a bunch of pigeons they flutter all up mad but in a few minutes the are right back in the group walking along. African Americans get mad, emotional for a hot second then it’s business as usual with no follow up or follow through. Unity by the issue but in general, do some work, niggah please. They have good intentions but we know where that leads a road to.

Black People are the people I love and emulate. You know who you are and whose you are. You put your money where your mouth is. You support others. You raise your own consciousness and see white supremacy for what it is and fight it with your success and nation building mindset. You dedicate all that you do by saying yes to the questions:

Are you making your ancestors proud by recognizing their sacrifice with your own?

Are you pooling your resources with those of others to leave the world better for the next generation?

Do you recognize white supremacy and its effects and combat it whenever possible?

Do you love yourself and your people equally and are willing to protect and respect your brothers and sisters?

If you answer yes you are Black for real and you are the reason why I will keep turning my anger and frustration into motivation to make this life better right here right now. To hell with Niggahs, Coons, Negropeans and African Americans that won’t unite. Black People Unite because white supremacy would not work so hard to keep you down if you didn’t have so much to give. The jig is up. If Black People lived up to their greatest potential there would be justice and righteousness for all. Free your mind and your ass will follow. Imagine a world that we could create! Make Black History Month everyday!

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Faith KKKristian Academy Shame on you!


This beautiful little 12 year old girl is facing expulsion because of her lovely natural hair. See white folks been seeing perms/relaxers so long they can’t take natural hair. Hell most of us can’t either, black women I mean. Why is it that everything we do has an issue? If we wear natural hair, afros, locs, braids. twists etc. there is always a policy problem. We are under attack no matter what we do. Too black, too white, too nappy, too straight hear we go. This is killing the self esteem of our young people and unfortunately too many adults are already dead. Why are we still fighting these kind of battles at this late date?

If you can’t see the racism in this you have a problem. We need to bombard the school with calls and emails so this little girl and her mother don’t have to feel alone. Once again it’s Florida in the house. Well the shit needs to stop right now. If enough of us get off our lazy asses and make one phone call or send an email the Faith Christian Academy will know they are under a spotlight and will know in the matchless name of Jesus, we ain’t having it. I made my call. Here is the number and pick option 6: 407-275-8031. Their contact page is as follows:

This is on my high pisstivity list and I also will get in touch with the reporter that broke the story as well. So if you make a call or send an email, hit me up so I can know I’m not the only one that’s upset. Do something. Just take a moment to make a difference today. If we keep biting the pillow and doing nothing then you’re going to keep suffering and our ancestors gave to much for us to still be disrespected! Faith without works is dead!



Let’s just take a real look at this once and for all. If your ass was poor with no insurance you already are going to the free clinic so shut the f up. If you have insurance from your employer you have choices like you always did and you need to pay attention when the options are laid out for you unlike most of you that don’t go to the presentation at the job or hate to read the paperwork and slick brochures. For you other mofo’s that are eligible for a subsidy to help pay your premium check it out and you will be pleasantly surprised. Now finally for you dumb mofo’s that got a cancellation letter you were paying for BULLSHIT in the first place and should be happy it’s gone because you were paying a premium that didn’t cover much of shit anyway. You too need to go look at your other options because the insurance company of course will try to get you to sign up for something higher because they’ve been sticking it to you already.

Why wasn’t all this shit brought up 3 years ago when it passed? Couldn’t the insurance companies, Democrats, Republican’ts and everyone else asked this simple question–what will happen to the policies that don’t measure up to the new standards? Simple huh. But no the President is lying and this all is an abject failure right? F*ck the Republicans that have done everything to make it fail. F*ck the Democrats for being so damn scared this is going to affect bids for election a fricking year from now when it will all be over and working just fine and F*ck the dumb asses that can’t read or use a computer, the site is of little consequence because it worked fine for me but I’m in California not a state that fought the whole damn thing.

To me because of the elimination of pre-existing conditions, so a young woman with breast cancer, or a child with an unknown illness or an elder man with diabetes complications can now get help makes all this bullshit worth it. Can we just for once give a damn about people that really need the help. Medical care should not be profit based because the fat cats will always get theirs, the sick be damned.

Single payer, Medicare for all will work. We just need to get off our lazy asses and make it happen.

Bed and Beyond

kerrySeeing a black woman in bed with a white man because she wants to be there is too much to take for some people. Especially some Black Men. I saw some comments recently that really pissed me off and you know I have to respond. The comments basically went there about her dating history and how she and other celebrity women are going white and a lot of other crap. Ok here I go:

1. I love Black men and I personally am not interested in  white men as potential lovers, husbands or anything other than my friends. That’s my preference and I’m not limiting myself or being racist or closed minded. Loving myself and MY man is a good thing and wanting to build a Black family is my duty and responsibility. If you don’t that’s your preference. But if you think dating a White man or any other race is going to automatically affirm you and prove Black men ain’t sh*t then you are in for a rude awakening because if you don’t love yourself ANY man will pick up on it and you will be a booty call. Men are men.

2. Black women have been abused, raped, beaten and disrespected since we got off the slave boat  by ALL men. But it has been exceptionally difficult to swallow the abuse from your own Black Man. We have been called too loud. too rough, a Bitch, a Whore, Nappy headed and ugly by the weak ass, confused, self hating Black men that feel a white woman is the prize and proof of their success  be they corporate execs to rappers and athletes. To you I say on behalf of Sistahs everywhere you can kiss my ass and just like you made your choice, I can make mine. You came from the womb of a Black woman so if you debase her you are one sorry example of a man. When your white girl leaves you when you lose that contract or job, don’t be mad because they don’t do broke. The ones that do pretty much want something else you got and there is always one bigger.

3. For the Brothers that do love Black women and hate seeing the choices many of us are making all I can say is step your game up. Many of us are tired, alone and have decided being loyal to our race over our gender is getting difficult. Black Men and Women need to get real with one another. The games and bullshit has to stop. Face it Sistahs have held out a hellava lot longer than you have. Be the King you are supposed to be and Sistahs like me are not going anywhere. Check the Brothers you know are messing up. But if they persist, They Don’t Deserve Us so let them go. Clean the gene pool.

4. Unfortunately, our racist society would much rather show a white man with a Black woman, or a white woman with a Black man as a false show of racial harmony that doesn’t exist in the heart of most. Show a Black man loving a Black woman? When was the last time you saw that? It’s a reality that media does not show Black love, affection, unity, loyalty, family because you can’t maintain racism and white supremacy if you show Black people as real people. It’s a fact so all the living together, sleeping together and working together hasn’t changed much and it won’t.  Until white supremacy is dealt with we are all just making the motions and all the interracial hook ups in the world won’t change a thing.

Whew! I’m done. I will still be watching Scandal. It’s a damn tv show. Get over it, get over the picture above and everybody needs to love themselves and do what they want because that’s what grown folks do.