Safe Place

The love of this song always warms my heart and comforts me. I met my paternal grandmother at my fathers funeral who I look just like and my maternal grandmother died when I was 3 days old. My mother said I acted a lot like her. She is the woman who washed the menstrual rags of white women. Her sacrifice keeps me very clear and focused. See we all need someone in our lives that keeps us focused. They either influenced us positively to guide us in the right direction. Or if they were negative they showed us what and who we didn’t want to be. That’s pretty much how you have to look at things.

By faith there be’s better days. Those words from a wise grandmother in the song makes me think how far we have come and how far we have yet to go. Black women have loved and cared and sacrificed so much. Dianne Reeves was blessed to have had such guidance and love. We respected our elders and there was always something about looking at older ladies, seeing their poise and grace with their hats and gloves at church that still makes me feel connected.

That’s what is missing in so many women’s lives today. Those women endured hell but they always gave you a safe place. When they pinched your cheek or kissed it or pulled you into their bussum. You knew you were loved. You knew you were safe. Whether you were related or not. That’s what saved us and got us here today.

My sisters we’ve got to find our safe place and we’ve got to be that place for each other. Too many of us are empty and alone and we try to fill that space with food, sex, drugs, toxic relationships or plain old nasty attitude. But you gonna make it through the night like the song says.

Better days are coming because the more you love and find your safe place, the more you can share it and that’s what all this that we go through is about. I’m saying this because I love my sisters. I want you to know we have got to shield each other. I build up before I break down. Next week I’m going to talk about the truth of why as Chris Brown says “H&%$ Ain’t Loyal!


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